Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

487516_10151214972411041_1106416558_nTake Twelve—

Canterbury Cathedral…

This was a ridiculously difficult shot to get right. It was taken in practical darkness, with a six second exposure, about 5 yards from the site of Thomas Becket or Saint Thomas of Canterbury’s assassination.

The idea was to get a partial blur, with substance throughout the movement. The guy is supposed to represent media tourism: religious, political, print, social— and he’s a bored tourist at that. No longer believing anything he sees…

The great Cathedral space which was childhood…

Viginia Woolf

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

    1. Just a Little Background Noise Post author

      Thank you so much 😀

      Well, to say it was dark is an understatement; there were a few lanterns but they didn’t really illuminate anything. there is the drip-feed of a skylight to the left, but this is about 30 feet below the surface and completely indirect, which made it difficult to focus of course.

      The movement we tried to go for was a step forward, back forward – slow, quick, slow, in the opposite direct to the body, which was more deliberate turn – that’s right, bad language in a cathedral 😮

      I almost quit at one point; I was practically on the floor, about 4 inches from the stone with a tripod – it was a case of being nearly almost everytime… but I loved this one.

  1. Plain ExtraOrdinary

    I did not realise you participated in the Weekly Photo Challenges…I had a (recently canned) blog in which I too participated but got bored with the challenges and the lack of followers. Likes were great but no followers. (Can’t say I blame them :P) So maybe here, I too can throw the odd interpretation in. I echo your commenters’ comments on your interpretation – GREAT shot, truly eerie! Beautiful too, the colours, the arches and the wisps of ethereal blue…


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