What’s to be found with a poor trait?

IMG_5433But difficulties to be had ahead?

But where there’s challenge, there’s triumph

I’ve not been able to get past this image today— whether it’s because my post is too large or small, or too plainly insignificant— it’s not that it’s even particularly serious; in fact it’s quite absurd.

But of the thousands of portraits I’ve taken, this one gets to me every now and then— mainly when I’m feeling a little conflicted about something I’ve said or haven’t said in the right way, wrong way, or anyway— It happens occasionally, so the leveller comes out: the corrosive for recursive thinking. A mental pacifier, an eraser for the clutter. Sometimes it’s a room or place: a good pace. And sometimes a picture.

It’s just, I have absolutely no idea what he is thinking; but it helps…

“Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.”


15 thoughts on “What’s to be found with a poor trait?

    1. JALBN 2.0 Ishmael Received Post author

      And a shocking thing it is too! Thinking without the clutter is key to lots of things. Some of my powers had started to dim in my early thirties – we take them for granted that cognitive athleticism is there for the long haul – but it’s a tiny window where you do the superhuman stuff! 😀

      1. merbear74

        I wouldn’t have thought you were older than in your early thirties! 🙂 And you are right, I shock myself now and then with the super human stuff every now and then..ah, she’s still got it. 🙂

      2. JALBN 2.0 Ishmael Received Post author

        Hahaha! I’ve decided to bunker down until next year now, get my strength up and attack the golf, weather permitting in the April. That’s if I ever get a date for my arm-surgery. I had one of them done earlier in the year – one to go! 😀

      3. JALBN 2.0 Ishmael Received Post author

        Still waiting for a date – it’s due any time, but at least I know I can be all healed in about 10 weeks, so sooner rather than later! 😀 It’s done the trick with the left arm anyway! *fingers crossed* lol

      4. merbear74

        Ah, I wish I could get a surgery and fix this fibro I have, but the docs just say, we have no clue how to make it go away. I am hopeful you will be all better by spring. 🙂

      5. JALBN 2.0 Ishmael Received Post author

        I’m sorry – I’ve never been exposed to fibro, so I’m a bit ignorant of all the issues. I know it can cause pain and breathing difficulties though. I do hope it’s not too debilitating. I have quite a bit of discomfort and the surgery is quite extreme, but at least there is that hope it’s going to fix me.

      6. merbear74

        There is a page on my blog that explains it some, though I would never push the info on anyone…sadly, it has become rather debilitating, but I do my best with it. I am hopeful you get fixed up.

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