Agatha Christie punks Plato; MacGyver, great inventions & perfect pencils…

A sub-continuation and tangentoid:

And the greatest of all inventors is: Accidents—

They happen…

522756_10150808745566041_675659681_nPlato may have been a bit of a know it all, back in the days when knowing nothing actually meant something— but I think he dropped the ball and let it run away from himself a tad, when he cited ‘necessity’ as the ‘true creator’, owing to ‘it’ being invention’s mother. I find that just a little bit creepy— and though it has a certain elegance to it; Agatha Christie’s rebuttal: I don’t think necessity is the mother of invention. Invention, in my opinion, arises directly from idleness, possibly also from laziness— to save oneself trouble, hits closer to the bull.

So whether it is something creepy, idleness, dissatisfaction; or something quite accidental that compels us to create— there should still be somewhere to go, to help necessitate our clumsiness; especially if an emergency dictates it. The fact it works around the other way just adds to the flavour.

Have you ever been caught short with a dozen house guests on the way a day earlier than expected,and found you had nothing to feed them but rubber bands and shoe polish? Because I assure you that not only would it taint the entire evening and your guests ability to taste anything for a week— the vol-au-vent would end up a little— how does one put it? Chewy.

Fortunately, I’m not speaking from experience because, surprise-surprise it’s never happened. But if it had and I were someone other than me— I’d be crying out for the website that sadly does not exist— but should.

As good as Google or that Jeeves chap may be with the ins and outs of how best to bake the perfect plum-duff— He doesn’t really have the answers to practical, everyday problems involving malevolent computers; how to prevent your coffee from tasting of fish; or feed a dozen hungry people with household products without killing them; or without at least, turning their mouths a funny colour.

Now this could be simply, a matter of testosterone, but I don’t think suggesting we drug the poor fellow would go down too well. Not after all the tireless help he gives children with their homework.

This website could be the solution:

Ask MacGyver!

Just because he has the know-how to make Gatling Guns from paper clips doesn’t mean he’s going to divulge potentially lethal information to children. That sort of thing would be strictly limited to the grown ups.

So my idea is to entice MacGyver out of retirement, where ever that may be— and have him help salvage peoples’ dinner parties and protect them against invasion armies with nothing but the contents of a child’s pencil case…

Even perfect people buy pencils with erasures on them;

Except me of course…

And I’m quite aware of the consequences of writing that!

23 thoughts on “Agatha Christie punks Plato; MacGyver, great inventions & perfect pencils…

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  2. ksbeth

    i would be on the macgyver site at least 13 times a day, looking up ways to make gasoline out of sod and diet pepsi, and for easy suggestions of what to do when your hair color project goes bad, and you end up closely resembling a komodo dragon. the applications are endless..

    1. JALBN 2.0 Ishmael Received Post author

      Did you know that only one person in recorded history has survived the bite of a komodo dragon – there are over 50 really nasty things in its saliva that human don’t like too much!

      You’re definitely get how fun it could be!!! 😀

      1. JALBN 2.0 Ishmael Received Post author

        Hahahaha! some form of athermal preparation for food using kitchen cleaner and object x – I’ll have to show you the devices I put together in Tx – which got me into a spot of bother with the police – apparently it’s a felony to do what I was doing within city limits! Got some great shots though!

  3. fourcatpaw

    Wow, It took me some serious time to scroll down and to reach until the end of the replies! But this time I took my eyes off of them. Because I feel little after reading them compared to what’s on my mind.
    Just want to say,
    I admire the way you construct your posts. The relevancy of the picture, the first sentence, the main point, the bold words, the smart threads (ties) between the logic and the constructive words… They make me feel good.
    Thank you.

    1. JALBN 2.0 Ishmael Received Post author

      That’s just awesome – thank you so much 😀
      It’s exactly what I try to do, with just about every single post – that just makes me smile like you wouldn’t believe! I’ve got a simple approach to certain things, a pretty rigid approach, so I’ve got to find a way of being imaginative within it – at least that’s the goal I set myself… It comes from a essay writing background I suppose – but also an understanding that everything we do, encounter and exchange have conventions, all down to everyday phrases!

      I am so glad you’re ‘seeing’ some of the structure points that go into it, really, you couldn’t have said something more complimentary 😀

      Even in some of the more absurd things I’ve written, the logical threads and little word plays are central and everything else is worked around those. I find that sort of thing funny. I try to make myself laugh where-ever possible and a bit of cleverness doesn’t hurt as long as it’s the right type.

      I put a high price on imagination or rethinking ordinary things. It won’t work all the time, but it’s a great challenge 😀

      Thank you thank you for such a lovely message!

    1. JALBN 2.0 Ishmael Received Post author

      Me too! I’ve a few more days of my getaway – it was my birthday yesterday and the break has been the perfect opportunity to process what I’ve done and what I’ve enjoyed blogwise. It’s difficult to appreciate it when posting every day in the manner I have been.

      I’ve got ideas for sure for edges galore! 😀


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